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My Story

My Story

I was born in England and grew up in Bitburg, Germany.
At 11 we came to America. I can remember landing in New York at 2 am
with bumper to bumper traffic, skyscrapers, and all the big lights.

I’ve loved America ever since, wanting to see everything she had to show me.
It’s because of the opportunity America gives a person is what makes me
understand what freedom really means and keeps me excited about the
journey I’ve been on.

Working with my father on his “garage businesses” was the
perfect teaching tool. We built custom speed boats. Neon signs and
even built gazabo’s. My father was the one that brought plexiglass into
the home as tissue holders, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, glasses,
toilet paper holder, spice rack, kitchen ware landing a major account
with The Container Store.

When I finally decided to retire from working a job, I got married, moved
from Texas to Maryland thinking I was going to travel to see all America
had to show.  Only that’s not what happened, of course.  Just like most
people, working so hard on their business they have no time to live.

It was when I finally realized, marketing was what was lacking so I went
online to find a course and I found an ad instead.  It said “Do you want
to travel and have an income, too?”  That was exactly what I was trying
to set up to do but wasn’t getting it done.

So, of course I clicked on the ad and it took me through an exercise that
was the best eye opener I ever had up to that point.  So when it said if
you would like to know more about how we make an income while traveling
then call this number.

When I called, it was to Brian Swan of the Unstoppable Family and he
showed me a system that would teach me marketing while making an
income. That’s what brought me online and I am ever so grateful.

As I saw it, I was preparing for my next career, the one that would be
my last.  This was my time to do what I wanted and to show others
what they could do also.  I failed, picked companies that went out
of business, and made some money but nothing like I wanted to.

It wasn’t until deciding that I wanted to actually do this for an
income did I start to take this serious.  Once I did, I was off to
do business my way and I knew exactly how I wanted to do

To me, business is nothing more than helping others with what
ever it is they need to do.  It’s not necessary to mention anything
about your business, because the more you are helping others,
the more they will want to know about you.  When they are ready,
people will look to see what it is that you do.





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